Kate Bernot
Kate Bernot is a freelance writer and a certified beer judge. She was previously managing editor at The Takeout.

I’d just like to chime in to say that whenever I hear a person say “artic”, I get such a rush of rage-spiked adrenaline that I’ll bet I could tear a car in half with my bare hands. Read more

I remember Bud Ice’s first year in the “Bud Bowl” Read more

We don’t think of it as a misspelling. We think of it as a glaring misprint no bugger picked up on from first sketch to finished product’. Read more

It’s Kate! I didn’t realise it was Xmas already? Read more

My family had a bar and grill that catered to college kids back in the 90's and we sold a ton of kegs. Icehouse and Red Dog (not ice, all marketing) quickly became our largest sellers because we could get it so cheaply and sell it at a college kid friendly price. Those are not good beers. Read more

Thanks for the article. I have this vision of a dormatory mini fridge filled to exact capacity with a 30 rack of Stones. Read more

I had the joy of these being popular in my high school years. Many a Labatt Ice was consumed by my friends and I. I remember Molson Ice tasting a bit weird though. Read more

Remember the old, fairly misogynistic, Secret antiperspirant (I think) ads? “Strong enough for a man, pH-balanced for a woman.” That’s what this sounds like, only now fairly jingoistic: Read more

Jever is my go-to closest thing to “lite” beer. I always have that. I like it in bottles, but can get it in pint cans. I’ll graba Bitburger if I feel like going the pint-can German beer. It’s about $10/case cheaper in PA. Read more

Haha! I was just giving side-eye to potato chips in another thread. This looks like an excellent use for any left over potato chips (never left over pretzels or tortilla chips!) from any large family functions. If we ever have those again...
Read more

Nice to see you! Also this recipe sounds delicious. Will be making ASAP  Read more

Hi Kate! Nice to see you ‘round these parts.
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I live 40 min’s out of pittsburgh and this tradition is still alive and well. In a weird twist of etiquette your considered rude if you don’t don’t take at least a dozen cookies home with you. Read more

At my MIL’s insistence, we had a cookie table at our wedding.  There were 2000+ cookies for 175 people - chocolate crinkles, pizzelles, galettes, sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies... Virtually no one ate the wedding cake. Read more

I live dead smack between Youngstown and Pittsburgh and the cookie table is my favorite part of weddings. For my wedding, as tradition, all of my aunts, great aunts, and cousins came together to make dozens of different varieties.  Read more