Jonathan Dale

another amazing A’s BBQ burger i have to show off, utilizing that sauce dropper:

The motto of anybody sailing a pumpkin down the river is “never get out of the boat.” Because then they’d be out of their gourd. Read more

The town of Anoka, MN calls itself the Halloween capital of the world. So there is a connection.

I lived in Henderson, Ky. (across the river from Evansville, Ind.) for two years and yes, they still eat brain sandwiches, though they’re not ubiquitous. Most common place to find them is the gigantic West Side Nut Club fall festival in E-ville. Read more

I think it is hard for most Americans to imagine how brutal it is working in that heat every day. We are lucky that anyone is willing or able to do it. These workers should be well compensated and have their working conditions carefully monitored. Hell, I already pay a lot for avocados here on the east coast. I’m Read more

I am a cane user, and my issue is I need a hand for that. This would be a LIFE SAVER for someone like me. I catually have a water bottle and a Koozie that I have on a string. I bring it to street fairs and the like, because it is literally IMPOSSIBLE for me to carry a drink AND food even 10 feet to a table unless I Read more

I feel like you’re missing a vast unexplored territory. Sure, this has clear utility, at the baseball game, at the carnival, at the mall. But think broader! Read more

If you don’t mind I can email you. I have not eaten there but I can tell you the address. I should check to see if they still troll.  Read more

Ah, you were so close to the Del Taco test/troll store too. Across the freeway from the HQ they have one where they will regularly test out new items. Since Taco Bell/Yum Brands likes to know about their competition, the store also has items they have no intention of rolling out company-wide. Supposedly they have Read more