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Quasi-legal popup operator, beer writer by day (and also night), author of two cookbooks. Third one's on the way, and it's nothing but pizza.
4/08/21 5:03PM

The 3D tends to give me a headache and I usually just turn it off!

4/08/21 12:17PM

I’ll go on record saying that “Leisure Suit Larry” did not fulfill the skeezy promises of the box illustration. Read more

4/08/21 12:15PM

So I recently got back into my DS (I have the Mario and Luigi special edition 3DSXL) and after reading this I went in to grab the game bag from my night stand and sure enough I DO have this! I’ve been doing a ton of new to me cooking lately and I’ll definitely have to fire this up.

4/08/21 11:39AM

How do you like the Misen? I can’t get mine to stay actually sharpened more than a month, maybe 6 weeks before it’s back in for “free” sharpening. No idea what to do with it. 

4/08/21 8:44AM

I loved my 3DS until I got annoyed with Nintendo mucking up the internet for it and the Wii. I will have to find this. Who needs the interwebs?

2/13/21 2:04PM

Pizza snobs? Sure, but you also have to keep in mind that Germany still has legislation that bans everything that they don’t think as beer from existing. 

2/12/21 10:23PM

No it’s “magazine notorious for white supremacy tells jewish people they’re making their own cuisine wrong, proceeds to write a recipe mocking them for their religious beliefs, creates a recipe that is inedible during the religious holiday is was intended for, and follows up 6 years later by removing misogynistic Read more

2/12/21 11:02AM

I’ve had delicious taco pizzas many times before & will many times in the future...but not with chip shards on them.

2/11/21 1:26PM

For those of you telling me I missed Buffalo pizza, I sure did. As of today I’d never heard of it, so thank you for bringing it to my attention! I swung for the fences on this one, so updates will happen at some point and I’ll add what I missed.

2/10/21 10:13AM

When I was a kid, we’d fancy up our frozen pizzas by quartering Kraft singles and scattering them around the pizza like pepperonis.

2/09/21 10:22PM

The place I mentioned in an earlier comment used corn meal in their dough - it was a fine grind, but still coarser than most flours; we’d toast it before adding to the dough. It was distinct. Read more

2/09/21 4:14PM

Not all of them, but the one on Rt. 121 through Mt. Zion does.  If you get them fresh, they beat anything out of any Southern kitchen here in Chicago.

2/09/21 4:10PM

Hmmm, this makes me wonder if there are any places around Nashville that do taco pizzas.

2/09/21 3:25PM

These were enough of a gut bomb that I can’t imagine adding avocado or sour cream, although scattered blobs of guacamole post-bake would have been fantastic, and I can see pickled red onion brightening up the whole thing.

2/09/21 3:05PM

I’m especially paranoid about jamming stuff into the gums behind my molars where my wisdom teeth were extracted.  I’ve done that a few times over the years and it tends to hurt like hell and stay sore for like a week.  Bread shield or not, I’m not willing to risk it lol