John Carruthers
Proprietor of a bootleg pizza shop located in an alley. Beer writer by day and author of three cookbooks. Jean jacket enthusiast.

BOBOLI! That takes me back (not that they don’t still exist). Exquisitely 90s commercials. Read more

They’ve aged better than 99% percent of all the art and pop culture from that period! Read more

Until Houlihan’s starts chucking $40K tile ovens in the strip mall kitchens, we’re probably going to have to deal with this pizza form and making it the best it can be. Read more

Yeah, there’s usually a little leavening. That said, I’ve had one or two flatbread pizzas that clearly didn’t and it wasn’t a super good idea.  Read more

“Chuck out the bay leaf” was implied and should have been more specific. You are 100% correct.  Read more

Holy moly I forgot the Small Soldiers tie-in. Thank you for that recovered memory. Read more

I demand a deep dive into Burger King’s justly lauded Rodeo Burger next.  Read more

Hey man, I wrote like 1,500 words on em. I’m not going to judge you for finding them compelling. Clearly they are to a lot of us! Read more

Literally no one has ever gone to Italy and asked for this. Until the show, no one outside of Chicagoland really knew about it. It’s called “Italian Beef” because it was a popular dish at Italian immigrant weddings in Chicago. Read more

I reckon you’re correct. But my main point here was not worrying about stock clarity.  Read more