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Even if it’s heretical to say: the best fluffernutters are made with oatmeal bread.

Fluffernutter sandwiches are the shit. My husband’s dad moved from Maine first to California and then to Washington State and we always send him some fluff at Christmas as part of their care/gift package. Read more

These sandwiches defined my childhood. They were a big treat that I always welcomed in my lunchbox. Especially when paired with pretzels. Mmmmmmm.

You New England folks are weird. 

Ate this fucking sandwich every day from ages 5 through 10. Never got sick of it and never consented to its removal from my lunchtime menu. 

Growing up in Connecticut during the 60s and early 70s, I ate on average 3-5 Fluffernutters a week. They were wrapped in wax paper and the Fluff would ooze out the sides --  which then had to be scraped up with the side of your finger at lunchtime.

I was singing the song well before I reached the youtube link or lyrics in this article. Aaaand, now it’s stuck in my head for the rest of the week. 

Or you could buy Amish peanut butter spread, which contains both peanut butter and marshmallow fluff.

This recipe should also include an insulin injection.

This makes me laugh. My mother is a “food sensitivity” loon and has been since I was a kid. At the beginning, late 80s in New England, CT to be specific, it began with yeast and mold and fungus and sugar. She used to blame everything on sugar, but only if she knew I was consuming it. At one point she blamed a box of Read more

I’m from New England and we were occasionally allowed Fluffernutters. I think it was my mom’s way of making up for all the tuna. The Fluff makes a pretty decent fudge too, and was almost always prepared at Christmastime. I still make one from time to time. #comfortfood Read more

Well, I did say I could write about peanut butter being the best sandwich last night.  This is close.  Although I prefer the Nutella and fluff version, and even that was years ago.

And Ilana - triple-point value to your recipe for excluding raisins.