Emma Terhaar

Have you tried whisking in a bit of mayo when you make a vinaigrette? It’ll help stabilize the emulsion and make it creamier. I love a white balsamic vin or a poppyseed dressing with a bit of mayo whisked in! A “creamy” vin usually has some mayo in it. And Michal is correct about that 3:1 ratio of oil to acid. I’d Read more

That sounds sooo satisfying and delicious! 

HAHAHA that really made me chuckle

a microwaveable, single-serving mulled wine recipe? AMAZING! I love this idea

I agree with Sybann’s suggestion, definitely skip adding any extra sugar or juice (other than what comes from the mulling fruits.) The bitterness of the alcohol you finish with will help to counter the sweetness of the wine, but citrus will help you out too. In addition to an orange or pear or whatever mulling fruit Read more

I do cut-side down, but I think you can probably go either way. I wouldn’t cut the pieces any smaller than halves, just to avoid dropping them through the grates on the grill or smoker. Keeping the pieces large helps keep the fruit and it’s juice nicely intact for easy juicing or further slicing after grilling.

A melted Hershey’s bar would work but I don’t think the syrup would. 

That sounds DELICIOUS and incredibly indulgent! I just might have to try it. 

You’re totally right, and the bit about the hydration has been fixed. Thanks for noticing and pointing it out. 

thank you for pointing this out! An edit has been made. 

Damn that’s an impressive repertoire! the creamy soup with the galangal sounds amazing. Definitely a step up from the campbell’s and grilled cheese I knew in my childhood, but it sounds equally wholesome and homey. Perhaps a pepperoni-seasoned lasagna is in order? 

wow, that’s super creative! I’m impressed. The pictures are lovely too

This is true! It takes too long for me though. I want the thickening to be near immediate so I blend first

We did consider this idea. I’d seen some other restaurants on social media seem to do it successfully, but we couldn’t make it cost effective. The packaging materials, developing cooking instructions, and the time spent weighing out portions and preparing kits actually takes more time and money (labor cost) than Read more

Yes! Jaffa cakes are a textural delight. There’s something about the sponge cake/jelly/chocolate combo.