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Jan 19

They were ALL pregnant. It was indeed, as you say, fucked up.

Jan 14

Both of my parents were born before/during the war so they grew up during the hard times. My mom is also a retired nurse, and she REALLY hates junk food, so it’s more in line with her personal preferences than her direct connection to her childhood. That conversation we had -- you practically could hear her eye roll.

Jan 13

Thank you for letting us know! It’s always awesome to hear from an employee who has the details about how all this stuff works.

Jan 8

I have to admit this comment caught me off guard and I started laughing.

Jan 8

Yes, but there was that first heist in which the loot was NOT recovered. So they still have a bunch somewhere.

Jan 7

We have those at our local market! They keep them by the cash register.

Jan 6

I do in fact refrigerate my giardinera. Since it’s pickled it’s probably okay at room temp, but I think you’re supposed to keep it in the fridge after you open it.

Jan 5

You know, this is a good question (I say that as a precursor to, “I don’t actually know”). If I had to guess, like @torchbearer2, it’d have something to do vaguely with patents too, but then I read that you can’t really patent the concept of cheese in dough. Read more

Dec 18

To be honest, if I guessed, there’d at least be a tiny amount, so I wouldn’t risk it. I think it’s just that in its raw form, it’s mainly those tannins that it’ll just cause you a ton of gastric aching and discomfort.

Dec 17

I’d be happy to, but a while back I was told that they weren’t letting people swap cards or something anymore! Or even go in just to buy food court lunches, which is what I asked. I was sternly turned around.

Dec 17

This is what I’ve heard. What sucks is I’m cutting down on the hard stuff because it’s been messing with my poor stomach.

Dec 3

You know, I don’t really only because it just looked like an uncut loaf of bread from the side and I didn’t think anybody would be super interested in looking at...bread. But zero discoloration, zero sog. All contained.

Dec 2

Thank you, I should have been more specific. I added that info!