111-year-old Australian man recommends snacking on chicken brains

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Chickens running across a green grassy field
“Go go go go, they are coming for our brains”
Photo: Xurxo Lobato (Getty Images)

We here at The Takeout are suckers for elders sharing food-related longevity secrets. A few weeks ago, we reported on a 100-year-old Chicagoan who owed his long life to a steady diet of “cake and pie.” Before that, there was the 101-year-old Pennsylvania man who relied on his daily 4 p.m. Coors Light. Before that, there was a 112-year-old woman who credited her longevity to a nightly dram of single malt whiskey. Now, we have Dexter Kruger, a retired cattle rancher and Australia’s oldest-ever man on record. Kruger’s secret to living 111 years? Eating chicken brains.

The Associated Press reported that Kruger’s 74-year-old son, Greg, credits his father’s longevity to a “simple Outback lifestyle.” However, in an interview with Australian Broadcasting Corp., Kruger said that the weekly poultry delicacy keeps him fit as a fiddle. “Chicken brains. You know, chickens have a head. And in there, there’s a brain. And they are delicious little things,” Kruger said. “There’s only one little bite.” Makes sense to me!


Kruger currently resides in a nursing home, where manager Melanie Calvert describes him as “probably one of the sharpest residents here.” At this point, Kruger is just a few years younger than the oldest-ever verified Australian, a woman named Christina Cook. Cook died in 2002 at exactly 114 years and 148 days, but I think Kruger can beat that if he keeps chowing down on those tasty little brains.