Australian dream home comes with goat cheese-making facilities—BYO goats

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Photo: Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post (Getty Images)

We’ve covered a handful of food-related dream jobs here at The Takeout, but this marks our first entry in the realm of dream real estate. Who cares that this Brisbane home has a big gorgeous pool? It will give you everything you need to make goat cheese, other than the goats and the skills and the ability to drop everything and move to Australia. Other than that, it’s perfect.


As reported by The Courier-Mail, a home for sale in southeast Brisbane comes with an unusual but deeply cool amenity: the facilities for the raising and milking of goats. Co-owner Lyndall Josey told the paper that her husband, Peter Schwenke, left the IT industry for the wonderful world of cheesemaking, despite having “no farming background whatsoever.” What started with one goat soon became a 44-goat juggernaut within five years, with their Frolicking Goat matured French-style cheese racking up acclaim and loyal customers. As such, they’ve outgrown their humble abode, and need to relocate outside the city so they can build grain silos, as one does.

In addition to a goat shed, hay shed, and milking facility, the home also has five bedrooms, the aforementioned gorgeous pool, and an absurdly lovely pastoral landscape, all situated on a nearly five-acre plot. If you’re filthy stinkin’ rich and ready to change your life in a “retired Jon Stewart meets Eat Pray Love” type of way, the home will be auctioned off on May 11.

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