AriZona iced tea knows its audience, launches weed gummies and vapes

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At long last, the gap between AriZona iced tea and those AriZona-styled stash tins in every head shop has been bridged. That’s right, folks: AriZona-branded cannabis products are headed for stores that may or may not be near you.

AriZona Beverages has announced an agreement with Dixie Brands, a Colorado-based cannabis company. BevNet reports that AriZona will begin production with its name attached to vape oils and gummies, while keeping an eye on expansion into other products in the future. If you’re wondering about the most obvious next step, Dixie CEO Chuck Smith suggests that THC-infused cans of AriZona could be in the works “down the road.”


The announcement also notes that “while AriZona looked at possible product launches for both CBD and THC products, the regulatory landscape for THC products is currently more defined with less gray space than CBD.” Dixie will develop the new line of products, while AriZona will promote them to any and every fan of its 99-cent tallboys of tea-flavored sugar. (To make it abundantly clear: this is not meant to disparage AriZona, or the valuable public service it provides, in any way whatsoever.)

Plus, if the initial releases go well, Dixie also has its hands in “drinkable elixirs, chocolates, mints, topicals, tablets and taffy.” The possibilities are endless when it comes to AriZona directly connecting with what we’d assume is a sizable chunk of its target audience: stoners who frequently crave one-dollar Arnold Palmers. Dixie’s upcoming AriZona line will likely debut in California and Colorado, ahead of a wider release.