Photo: Andrew Burton (Getty Images)

Applebeeā€™s, the same chain of family restaurants that brought you $1 Long Island Iced Teas, is back with a spring take on their cocktail fire sale: $1 margaritas during the month of April. Pair that with a Sizzling Skillet Fajita and you have one hell of a fiesta, my friend.

Money reports the dollar deal is valid from open to close at participating restaurants, and notes that Applebeeā€™s is still reminding guests to ā€œdrink responsiblyā€ even though the prospect of getting wasted for $4 is sitting right there on a tabletop pop-up cardboard sign.


The chain debuted a month of dollaritas last October, and then introduced $1 Long Islands in December. Casual restaurants like Applebeeā€™s have struggled in recent years, as efforts to appeal to younger diners have failed. The chainā€™s reportedly decided to give up on its Millennial outreach, and is now focusing on its core audience: Aunt Pam who wants to get drunk on dollar margs after her T.J. Maxx shopping spree.