Photo: Francis Dean/Corbis via Getty Images

Applebeeā€™s has apologized for a recent event in which two black patrons were falsely accused of running out on their bill the night before. The altercation took place at an Applebeeā€™s restaurant in Independence, Missouri.

The two women came in to have a meal at the Applebeeā€™s after shopping, and were accused of running out on their bill the previous evening. The women maintained that they had not been in the restaurant on that night, but nevertheless subsequently had to deal with questions by the restaurant manager and a mall cop. In a video that went viral, one of the women is understandably upset and crying, while her friend says that this is what ā€œblack people have to deal with.ā€ They are told to ā€œgo ahead and pay your bill and leave and not come back.ā€ One of the women, Alexis Brison, posted the entire encounter on Facebook:

USA Today reports that by Tuesday morning, the video ā€œhad an estimated 2.9 million views and had been shared more than 64,000 times.ā€ Since then, ā€œthe manager, the server and another employee involved were fired, and Applebeeā€™s is reaching out to the pair of friends to apologize directlyā€¦ Brison said that Applebeeā€™s later told them that a staffer had remembered ā€˜a skinny girlā€™ and ā€˜a girl who wore makeupā€™ had failed to pay their tab.ā€ The restaurant is currently closed.

The chain pinned this announcement to its Twitter account: