Illustration for article titled iDrag Race/i’s Miz Cracker transformed iQueer Eye/i’s Antoni into Miss Eva Cado (get it?)
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Meet Miss Eva Cado!

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10 fan favorite Miz Cracker took it upon herself to transform Queer Eye’s resident avocado champion and tomato juice-lemonade drinker into a queen, for them magazine. And listen, Miss Eva, she has potential, though she really needs to work on her walk.


That’s not the reason to watch, however (you could just Google around for the finished product). It’s that the conversation Miz Cracker and Antoni Porowski have that’s worth the click. Happy Pride Month, here are two thoughtful, insightful people talking about sexuality, gender, anxiety, and what Pride means, in a surprisingly personal yet sprawling conversation. It is very much worth watching. Enjoy!

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