Animal-rights activists not letting go of this chicken-truck crash

A supermodel chicken
A supermodel chicken
Photo: Leon Neal (Getty Images)

Some background, for those of you who don’t have a Google Alert set for “overturned trucks”: Last week, a truck transporting thousands of chickens crashed near Battle Ground, Washington. Hundreds of chickens died, and as expected, the remaining chickens ran everywhere. Local animal-rights activists swiftly arrived on the scene to film the clean-up and attempt to rescue some of the chickens, which led to one arrest after a woman refused to give up the bird she’d grabbed. Now, a week later, activists are still not over the chicken-truck crash.

KATU-2 reports PETA will put up a billboard at the site of the crash, featuring a soulful hen (likely a Rhode Island Red, in my estimation) and the message: “I’m me, not meat. See the individual. Go vegan.”


“This devastating crash left countless birds dead or mangled on the side of the road, and those who survived presumably ended up under the slaughterhouse knife,” PETA executive vice president Tracy Reiman told the station. “PETA’s billboard would remind all motorists that the best way to prevent these tragedies is to keep smart, sensitive chickens off the road in the first place by going vegan.”

Battle Ground, indeed.

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“I’m me, not meat. See the individual. Go vegan.”

Go fuck yourself. I’ve raised chickens. I’ve watched them grow from cute little puffballs to awkward half-feathered adolescents, to beautiful adults. I’ve fed and watered them and given them plenty of room to graze and light to soak in. I’ve held them and stroked their smooth feathers and listened to their clucking and cooing. I’ve then killed, processed and eaten them and they were very tasty.

You want to be a vegan?  Fine.  Leave me out of it.