Last Call: Alton Brown’s Good Eats returns in August

Alton Brown attends a Food Network party in 2018.
Alton Brown attends a Food Network party in 2018.
Photo: Noam Galai (Getty Images)
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Everyone favorite bespectacled TV scientist—no wait, second-favorite—returns to Food Network with Good Eats The Return on August 25. It’s been two years since Brown announced the show’s comeback, making it five years since the original Good Eats went off the air.


What is it America loves about Good Eats? It was 1999 when the show premiered on Food Network, and its food science-meets-practical home cooking approach, plus the unorthodox cinematography (camera in oven, or a continuous, tracking one-shot take) made for food television that resembled few other shows. These days, with The Food Lab and Modernist Cuisine, the scientifically rigorous cooking angle is covered, but Good Eats was undoubtedly a mainstream pioneer.

Beyond the nerdiness, the show was chock full of practicality. Take his tips for French toast: why to use stale bread (and just how long “staling” bread really takes), the advantages to setting custard overnight, and why he recommends pan-frying before baking. Or his suggestion of making popcorn in a metal bowl instead of a pot, because the rounded sides push cooked popcorn up the side, rather than stay on the bottom and possibly get scorched.

As we await the show’s return, the original full episodes are on YouTube for $1.99 each.

Kate Bernot is a freelance writer and a certified beer judge. She was previously managing editor at The Takeout.



I’ve been saying for a few years now the real test of if you’re a millennial is if your TV science guy is Bill Nye.

I’m the eldest of millennials, but my TV science guy is and always will be Mr. Wizard.