Aldi fans devise genius two-ingredient booze sacks

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wine bottles in aldi
Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images (Getty Images)

It’s going to be a nice hot weekend here in Chicago, and we’ll undoubtedly go from the people saying “it’s too cold” to “it’s too hot” in about five seconds. But have no fear, and have no complaints, friends, because the Aldi community is here for you with an adult version of a Capri Sun that even Grandma might be sippin’ on while sitting on the porch. The Kitchn reports that all you need is two Aldi staples, and you’re good to party.

The recipe comes from a fan group on Facebook called The ALDI nerd, and the recipe couldn’t be any easier: Grab a 32-ounce bag of the frozen fruit of your choice from the freezer section, then dump in an entire bottle of Aldi’s Pacific Fruit Vineyards wine, any flavor your heart desires. This line of wines comes in flavors like sweet blueberry, sweet mango, and sweet watermelon, if that gives you any idea of what you’re working with. I’m getting a real Boone’s Farm vibe here with a sangria twist. Let the mixture sit for a half a second, grab a straw, and just sip it straight from the bag.


The original Facebook group member who posted the idea said she was inspired by using frozen grapes to cool down drinks without diluting them; the wine going right into the bag cut out any extra work. Other Facebook users said they’d made lots of different concoctions, like mango wine with tropical fruit, margarita mix with mixed berries, and coconut wine with frozen pineapple. This looks like a goofy, cheerful, and playful idea, plus you’re left with some soggy, slightly boozed-up fruit when you’re done. I think I’ll do mine with frozen burritos.