Alabama store refuses to stock Pepsi bottles with NFL logo to protest anthem protests

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An Athens, Alabama grocery store stated on Facebook that it will no longer sell Pepsi products that carry the NFL logo; Pepsi is a longtime sponsor of the NFL and uses the league’s logo on a number of bottles. But S&Z Grocery made a statement on its Facebook page yesterday that the store will stop carrying the 20-ounce Pepsi bottles that bear the NFL logo because players have been permitted to “disrespect the flag and country that I love.”


The statement begins with an acknowledgement that “this may cause me to lose some business,” and goes on to state: “I will not bow down in order to the [sic] make a dollar as long as the athletes are allowed to bow down and disrespect the flag and country that I love.” The post currently has 295 shares and close to 500 reactions, most of which are positive.

“I pulled them myself, the customers didn’t know I was doing this. I sold the product that I had that did not have the logo on it. And I told my rep as well as the delivery guy that I did not want those brought into the store, because I would not sell them,” owner Phillip Stewart told news station WAFF 48.

I can see this boycott cutting two ways: Couldn’t the grocery store’s refusal to stock NFL-logo products just as easily have been a criticism of the league’s handling of the anthem protests, and a show of solidarity with Colin Kaepernick and others? Whose pockets does this boycott theoretically hurt: Pepsi, for working with the NFL, or the NFL, which “allows” players to “bow down and disrespect the flag?” I guess that’s not for me to say.

Anyway, in a related move this August, a Florida restaurant announced it would cancel its expensive DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket package “due to [the NFL’s] lack of compassion and gratitude for our American service members. ” Instead, owners said they would use the money saved to offer 40-percent food discounts to veterans on Sunday game days.

Kate Bernot is a freelance writer and a certified beer judge. She was previously managing editor at The Takeout.


1) Kaepernick sits for the national anthem, without bringing attention to it because he is uncomfortable with all of the police violence against black citizens happening at the time.

2) Random reporter notices it after it has been happening for weeks.

3) Kaep meets with veteran who says kneeling would be more respectful; he begins to kneel.

4) Racists deliberately misconstrue his protest as “protesting the anthem” because they do not like his message of, you know, improving the treatment of black lives in America. No one in America previously actually cared about respecting them anthem as they fart in their couch cushions when it plays on TV or stand in the beer line if they are at the game.

5) NFL caves to out dirty orange diaper in chief and colludes to keep Kaep out of the league.

6) Some dipshit with a grocery store won’t stock Pepsi because the NFL, which really has no mechanism to stop protesting other than, you know, blackcalling the face of the protest, which they did, has players that protest racial injustice.

Welcome to hell, everybody.