Adult eats baby food in attempt to infuriate Takeout commentariat

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Our dear Takeout readers, we want to show you our appreciation by offering you this delicious gristle of outrage for you to chew—er, slurp—on: NBC News’ chief White House correspondent Hallie Jackson fuels her travels with baby food. Now it’s no easy job being a White House reporter, and not just because you have to listen to Sarah Huckabee Sanders every day. In her role, Jackson flew 250,000 airline miles last year alone, virtually eliminating the possibility of a “normal” eating and nutrition schedule. But her solution—snacking on baby food—is… well, you tell us.


Bloomberg Pursuits profiled Jackson’s on-the-go eating habits for a recent travel piece, in which she divulged her affection for Happy Baby organic food pouches. (They come in such succulent flavors as purple carrots, bananas, avocados, and quinoa—that’s all one flavor, by the way.)

“I’m not even a little bit ashamed to say that the pear-kale-spinach one tastes delicious,” Jackson tells Bloomberg. It’s a well-rounded, fairly nutritious meal when you’re sitting in a car, driving six hours from one point in Iowa to another.”

I’m going to break my own rule—don’t yuck someone else’s yum—to state that I find this “baby food hack” a little strange. It’s not just that Jackson eats a pouch of baby food here or there, but that she’s offering this as a “hack” to other travelers. She says it’s not easy to eat healthy on the road, which is sort of true, except that in 2018, even fast-food chains sell salads, and every airport kiosk has grab-and-go fruit and veggies and hummus, etc.

Is a pear-kale-spinach pouch really that different from a smoothie, you ask? Yes. Because it’s designed for babies, not to mention it’s connoted with a weird baby-food fad diet that’s made the rounds in Hollywood and online. One Food Network staffer tried the diet for three days and describes a jar of Corn And Butternut Squash baby food as “rotten, cold butternut squash soup meets day-old puke. By the way, it’s extremely watery.”

Hallie Jackson, props to you for being a smart, well-traveled White House correspondent and all that, but don’t you miss chewing your food?

Kate Bernot is a freelance writer and a certified beer judge. She was previously managing editor at The Takeout.


Baby food was already a nutrition hack in the fitness community, bet that’s where she stole it from. Also those pouches are hella convenient, I wouldn’t bother with the jarred stuff but I understand why if you’re in a cramped seat a lot of the time you wouldn’t want to have to have a spoon or a place to set down a container of hummus in which to dip things.