A Pennsylvania McDonald’s nearly got scammed out of $4,000

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A McDonald’s in Milesburg, Pennsylvania, narrowly avoided getting scammed out of $4,000, when workers discovered the person they had been talking to on the phone was not, in fact, the CEO or CFO of the fast food chain. According to WTAJ news, an employee got a mysterious phone call around 10:55 p.m. last Friday at that McDonald’s location from someone who claimed to be the higher-up.


The scammer directed the manager of the McDonald’s to take cash from the restaurant’s till and go to the nearby Sheetz and Rutter’s convenience stores to buy gift cards with that money. Then the manager was instructed to read the PIN numbers on the back of the cards to the mysterious person on the phone, who was not, in fact, McDonald’s CEO. The employee bought $4,000 in gift cards before the police were called, but both convenience stores were able to remedy the situation by canceling and reversing the gift-card transactions.

I have never been to a Sheetz or Rutter’s, but I know they’re convenience stores. What on earth can you buy there for $4,000? Anyway, if anyone ever calls you, claims they’re the president of Ford or American Airlines or something, and asks you to buy a bunch of gift cards just so you can read them the PIN over the phone, don’t do it.

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BrianGriffin makes bad decisions

Still boggles my mind anyone thinks that a third party gift card is the proper payment for ANYTHING (other than some some gross fried food or whatever the hell Rutters sells (side note, I grew up with the Rutter family, very nice people)).

It can sorta be explained away if the person is elderly and not in their right mind. But a McDonald’s manager, while I’m sure no savvy finance expert, still should have been able to smell bullshit.