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A Bon Appetit writer makes her own Impossible Burger

Illustration for article titled A iBon Appetit /iwriter makes her own Impossible Burger
Photo: Andrea Comi (Getty Images)
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How bored are you? Have the stories about meat shortages and the environmental unfriendliness of beef and propaganda about plant-based meats started to clang together in your brain until they settle into an insistent drumbeat? Make. Your. Own. Impossible. Burger.


Maybe you’re bored enough to start scouting recipes online. Maybe you’re bored enough to start shopping for the ingredients and calculating the final cost. Maybe if you’re Bon Appetit writer Rachel Sugar, you’re both bored enough and professionally obligated to actually go ahead with the project. “The appeal of a good do-it-yourself project is not that it is practical,” she reasons, “but that it is evidence of your own mastery over the physical world.” Also, it takes a lot of time.

And so she makes Impossible Burgers. And has a few epiphanies about processed foods. It’s a fun read. Even if maybe you won’t want to try it at home. But that’s what food writers are here for.

Aimee Levitt is associate editor of The Takeout.

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“molasses-infused beet juice” is not a string of words I would ever have expected to encounter.