Finally Organize Your Pantry With a Great Deal on Rubbermaid Containers

Rubbermaid’s Brilliance food storage sets have always been among the best you can buy for storing leftovers, but they also come in pantry storage form. Like OXO Pops and similar sets that you’ve ogled at Bed Bath and Beyond, they come in a variety of shapes to fit various pastas, grains, and snacks, and you can get a…

Last Call: Daft Punk, Stevie Wonder, and a book recommendation for better decision-making

I’m currently making my way through the book Thinking In Bets, from former professional poker player Annie Duke. It’s about a lot of things: Embracing uncertainty, decision bias, the pitfalls of Monday Morning Quarterbacking. If you’re fans of books like Factfulness, The Signal and the Noise, Thinking, Fast And Slow,

Merriam-Webster adds a bunch of food words—and maybe-not-words—to dictionary 

Merriam-Webster suspects some of you might not be thrilled about the addition of “marg” and “guac” to the online dictionary. Its editors know you’re clutching your pearls as you cry “But those aren’t even words!” So the dictionary company has headed off your criticism with this line in its announcement of the new…