Sugar Was Linked to Heart Disease 50 Years Ago, But the Industry Covered It Up

Sugar has detrimental effects on our health, and not just because sweet foods tend to have a lot of calories. Plenty of research has shown that the same calories of sugar versus other foods do very different things to our bodies. And new research shows how the sugar industry has tried to hide those findings.

Last Call: Tofu booze, a naturalist's Twitter feed, and an Antiques Roadshow parody

Further proving that we as a human species are meant to get drunk, researchers from the Food Science & Technology Programme at the National University of Singapore have discovered a new way to get tipsy while improving the environment: tofu! Atlas Obscura reports that the “tofu whey” left behind when soy milk…

How to Reinvent Your Old Drinking Games as Family-Friendly Games for Kids   

Winter is here, and parents are bracing themselves for the inevitable bouts of cabin fever. Before you get roped into playing yet another round of Candy Land, think outside of the family-game box. We may get some angry emails for this, but some of the classic drinking games you played in college—sans booze—can make…