Retiring 88-year-old McDonald’s worker puts the “golden” in Golden Arches

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Residents of Wayzata, Minnesota, are used to being greeted by 88-year-old employee Art Mason at the McDonald’s drive-thru. Mason joined the McDonald’s staff about 30 years ago, when he found himself “bored to death” after retiring from his factory job, according to KARE11. A McDonald’s manager asked him to fill in for a few weeks, which turned into 29 years, outlasting every other employee at the restaurant.


Art’s customers tell KARE11 how much they’re going to miss him: his happy voice through the drive-thru line, the variety of pins that dotted his McDonald’s cap. His many fans drive miles out of the way to visit: “I come here every day because of him,” says one. But lately Art’s been having trouble sitting in the drive-thru stool for all those hours, especially with a bad leg from having polio as a child. So he’s checking out on April 10, a few days before his 89th birthday. He jokes, “If I make it that far,” but I think Art Mason may outlast us all, you guys.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

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