7-Eleven joins the fast fish crusade with Fish Bites

7-Eleven Fish Bites with container of sauce
Photo: 7-Eleven

If The Takeout operated in Victorian England, I’d be the grimy little newsie standing on the corner screaming about fish news. (“Oi, mista! ‘Eer’s some fish news for ya! Spare a coppa’?”) But we’re in 21st-century America, so I can just type that there’s a new fast fish option in town: 7-Eleven just dropped Wild Alaskan Pollock Fish Bites.


According to a press release, the Fish Bites consist of “five bite-sized morsels of herb panko-crusted Alaskan pollock filets served on a skewer with a side of tartar sauce for dipping.” The release explains that the Fish Bites were created “for customers who are looking for a meat alternative during the Lenten season.” Anjuli Wilkie, 7-Eleven’s senior category manager of hot food, writes:

“We got such great reviews on the Alaskan Pollock sandwich last year, we knew we had to bring back a seasonal fish option for our customers in 2021. Because we’re all about convenience and offering delicious, easy-to-eat food, Fish Bites is the perfect grab-and-go option.”

As we know, I’m down to eat fast fish year-round. Unfortunately, the Fish Bites will be only available at participating U.S. stores while supplies last. If you’re interested in sailing the briny 7-Eleven seas, you can try the new menu item via the chain’s Fish Fridays deal: every Friday, you can get five Fish Bites for $3 through the 7Rewards loyalty program in the 7-Eleven app. That’s approximately 1.6 fish bites for a dollar. With those savings, you can buy yourself a whole lot more fast fish to round out the Lenten season. A blessed day, indeed!

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Brick HardMeat

I have eaten things from 7/11 that I am not proud of. Hot dogs. Beef patties. So many taquitos. But there is no way I’m eating fish that’s been rotating on a stick under heat lamps all day long. The line between this and gas station sushi is too fine for me.