Those $80,000 49ers season tickets now come with unlimited food—but not beer

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Some people—like, say, Green Bay Packers fans—would think that becoming a season ticket holder is its own reward. Just think: After spending years on a waiting list, you finally get to spend eight fall and early-winter Sunday afternoons sitting outside watching football while wearing a foam cheese on your head! But life is less harsh in San Francisco, and people have grown spoiled and soft. And now the 49ers have decided to pamper them further: Starting next fall, season ticket packages at Levi’s Stadium will include unlimited food and beverages. Amazingly, considering that snacking is a huge component of watching sports, the 49ers are the first major-league team—of any sport—to think of this.

“Our fan surveys, and those reflecting the entirety of the NFL, show that the food service experience is a key driver of fan satisfaction,” team president Al Guido said in a press release.


Does “unlimited” really mean unlimited? Well, yes… for some things. Per the Levi’s Stadium FAQ:

The 49ers Member Inclusive Menu will feature over 15 menu items including hot dogs (beef and vegan), chicken tenders, popcorn, nachos, pretzels, french fries, garlic fries, Pepsi products, Aquafina, Peet’s coffee, and more.


You will notice that there is one very important football food group missing here. Beer is not included. But, the FAQ hastens to add, season ticket-holders will still receive a 15% discount on items not included on the unlimited menu. Like beer.

Season tickets at Levi’s Stadium range from $2,000 to $80,000, or $79-$400 per game. The website doesn’t mention the price of concessions, only that they exist, but since we’re talking about food and drink at a pro sports stadium, you can venture a pretty good guess that they are overpriced. So hooray for the 49ers for thinking of all the money fans are already spending. But the bad news: Season ticket-holders will still have to wait in line. And also, the offer isn’t good if you buy a scalped ticket. So beware.