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McDonald’s is buckling under the popularity of Travis Scott

Travis Scott eating McDonald's fries in front of a sign advertising his new combo meal
Travis Scott enjoying his eponymous combo meal
Photo: Jerritt Clark, Courtesy of McDonald’s (Fair Use)

We mentioned earlier this week that Travis Scott is a hugely influential celebrity, as illustrated by the fact that McDonald’s has partnered with the rapper/producer on its first celebrity meal since the McJordan Special of 1992. Fans are swarming their local McDonald’s to try the Travis Scott meal (aka the Cactus Jack special), which costs $6 and comes with a Sprite, fries with barbecue sauce for dipping, and a Quarter Pounder with cheese, shredded lettuce, and bacon. In at least one case, that swarming was literal: Scott was reportedly fined $200 when a recent promotional stop at a McDonald’s in Downey, California, drew a crowd of hundreds without the proper permits. But now, according to CNBC, only a week into the Travis Scott meal promotion, McDonald’s is experiencing shortages at several locations thanks to the combo’s popularity.


“We’re working closely with our suppliers, distributors and franchisees to resupply impacted restaurants as quickly as possible,” a McDonald’s spokesperson told CNBC. That means McDonald’s will temporarily control supplies of beef, onions, lettuce, and bacon so that as many locations as possible have the ingredients they need to make the combo meal. “Stay tuned and don’t worry, we’ve got more surprises from Cactus Jack coming soon.”

Typically, individual locations place orders with McDonald’s to restock whatever they’re running low on; right now, to avoid any lasting shortages, McDonald’s is only sending out a limited amount of certain ingredients so that impacted locations don’t have to remain sold out of Travis Scott supplies for too long. Imagine being so big that you bring a global fast food institution to the brink of minor peril.


If you’re not able to get the Quarter Pounder of your dreams right now, there are plenty of other ways to show your love for both Travis Scott and the golden arches.

Marnie Shure is editor in chief of The Takeout.

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As I’ve had proven by someone else’s comment, all the popularity of this meal tells me is that people can’t think for themselves. That most people never thought of just adding bacon or lettuce to a 1/4 lb-er, which is literally the only unique part of this meal.

Which of course is inferior to the true best order: a 1/4 lb-er, no ketchup or mustard, add lettuce and Mac sauce