Good Samaritan returns lost wedding ring to grocery bagger

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This has been one hell of a news week, hasn’t it? A tense, emotional week like this definitely needs a Friday story about a sweet elderly woman, a good Samaritan, and the everlasting power of true love.


Jan McGuire is an 80-year-old widow who works part-time as a bagger at a Market Basket grocery store in Massachusetts. About two weeks ago, she looked down at her hand and noticed her wedding ring had vanished.

“I only had my diamond. And I said, ‘Oh my God, my wedding ring went out.’ And I hadn’t heard it, so I knew it had to be in somebody’s bag,” McGuire told Boston’s WBZ.

McGuire wed her late husband, Don, in 1960; they were married 53 years before Don passed away. This month was the sixth anniversary of his death. “I felt that was all I had left,” McGuire told reporters of the wedding ring. Her daughter suggested that McGuire make a public appeal for help on Facebook, where it was shared over 2,00o times.

A few days later, an anonymous person returned the ring to the Market Basket’s customer service counter. McGuire believes that being reunited with her wedding band was nothing sort of divine intervention: “Everybody was praying to St. Anthony, but I lose so many things I was afraid he’d say, the heck with her. But he worked out. It worked out.”

McGuire said she now wears her ring on a chain around her neck not only to keep it safe as she does her job, but also to keep it close to her heart.


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E=MC Hammered

I lost my wedding ring a few years back trying on clothes in the Bargain Basement area of Next Adventure (one of the great outdoor clothing/gear stores: while on a trip to Portland. I called a couple times to see if anyone had turned it in, but gave up checking after a few months.

The marriage itself was already in its death throes and didn’t last much past that trip, so it wasn’t that big of a deal, but someone bought a used jacket with a nice surprise in the pocket at some point...