Taco Bell Fiesta Salad comes with side of box cutter

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A Florida woman went to Taco Bell and came back with a nice Fiesta Salad and—here comes a twist, and not the cinnamon kind—a box cutter.


On Twitter, a woman named Ashley McNamara alleges that a co-worker went for a quick meal and returned with both her food and the unexpected extra. Per First Coast News, the woman immediately called the Taco Bell to report the very strange Happy Meal-style prize, and was told, “Sorry, it must have fell in the box.”

So that makes sense, it’s a box cutter, there are boxes in the Taco Bell, whatever, though I must acknowledge my inner Jessica Fletcher who would like to point out that the taco bowl is kind of sticking out into the path of the box cutter. Though presumably it got jostled around, too, so who knows. Moving on.

McNamara told First Coast News that after the district manager saw a post about the weirdo box cutter touching the salad, an apology was issued, along with the offer of a gift card. The company also released a statement:

The safety of our customers and team members is our top priority; we are grateful to hear that no one was injured. The operator of this location has reached out to the customer to apologize and resolve this accident. Team members at this restaurant will be retrained on proper storage and safety procedures.

So, no one hurt, and McNamara’s friend got a free box cutter out of the deal. Those are handy. Nice.

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Who orders a salad from Taco Bell? I think the box cutter was more of a suggestion than a mistake.