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Woman finds creepy religious notes inside 24-pack of Pepsi

Illustration for article titled Woman finds creepy religious notes inside 24-pack of Pepsi
Screenshot: WZZM 13 (YouTube)

Leticia Adams of Muskegon, Michigan found the Word Of God in a giant-ass 24-pack of Pepsi last week.


Local ABC affiliate WZZM13 reports that the Adkins family, who drink about a 24-pack of Pepsi per week, had gone through several cans before discovering the not-at-all creepy handwritten bonus awaiting them inside the box, wedged between two cans.

“I felt something brush my hand,” Adkins told the news. “I’m like ‘what is this piece of paper?’ I opened it up and that’s where I found the self-help with the scriptures on it,” adding, “In today’s world, this is so not okay.”


A close-up of the paper reveals that it’s disturbingly detailed. “Wow, somebody put a lot of effort into doing this,” Adkins said.

Illustration for article titled Woman finds creepy religious notes inside 24-pack of Pepsi
Screenshot: WZZM13 (YouTube)

After finding the note, Adkins understandably tried to figure out why this note was in her Pepsi case. She first confirmed that her kids and her husband, didn’t plant it as an April Fool’s Day joke. And since Adkins asserts that the package was sealed when she purchased it from her local Walmart, she alleges the happy nice bible notes must have been placed in the 24-pack during the packing process. “I don’t buy pop to be preached to,” she told the news channel.

She called Pepsi’s corporate offices and customer service hotline, and representatives of the company offered her a coupon and assured her they’d look into the matter. Adkins believes her paper is “a copy of an original, hand-written prototype and believes there may be more of them inside Pepsi cases across the state or nation,” WZZM13 reports. But a Pepsi representative stated that “this event is unusual and only machines, not employees, are used in packaging products.” Also, Muskegon’s local Walmart said they have not heard of any additional findings of scripture.


In closing, if you find dire warnings about Facebook and hell and stuff in your Pepsi container, please let us know.

Contributor, The A.V. Club and The Takeout. Allison loves TV, bourbon, and overanalyzing social interactions. Please buy her book, How TV Can Make You Smarter (Chronicle, 2020). It’s short!

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