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Add vasectomy to list of things that can be celebrated with cake

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When I told my husband I was writing about vasectomies today, the vasectomy veteran asked, “is it about how to thaw frozen peas?” Actually, it’s a vasectomy story with a food connection. After all, cakes are for celebrating, and getting snipped is reason for celebration. So why not a cake?


A bakery in Nashville recently created a vasectomy cake, says Fox 17 News in Nashville. This raises the question of what other life events could be cake-worthy: Wisdom teeth? Menopause? Finally paying off your student loans? Hey, why not, if that just means more cake. Some even point to this as a growing trend, with similar messages like “So Long Swimmers” and “Snip Snip Hooray.”


Maybe the most interesting part of the story, though, is the timing: Fox 17 references this The Washington Post from piece a few years ago pointing to an increase in vasectomies during March Madness. This makes total sense. If you’re going to be hanging around with a bag of frozen peas in your lap for a few days, a multi-day, long-running sporting event would be an ideal distraction.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

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pssh... I didn’t need cake.  Not breeding is its own reward.