New Yorker gives up after enduring 100-plus line at salad restaurant: "Go fuck yourselves"

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Ah, the first week of January, when everybody is ready to kick off their new year by kicking out their old bad habits and adapting new ones. It’s why your gym parking lot is annoyingly full for those first few weeks of the new year, until everyone gives up and crawls back to the couch again.


In that same vein, apparently many New Yorkers are fleeing the fast food line for a healthier meal option, which is leading to some healthful-minded if hangry crowds. As reported in where else, the New York Post, a man “in a Patagonia puffer vest was overheard telling his colleagues ‘You guys can go f—k yourselves!” before he gave up on “the 100-plus-long line at Chopt,” which may be the most New York thing we’ve ever heard. One customer called the 50-plus people waiting at Sweetgreen “a psycho line.” Sweetgreen and Chopt are also enticing customers with New Year’s kickoff specials and loyalty programs, and those enticements, as well as the promise of new year habits, appear to be working.

Employees and customers at similar salad-focused restaurants also reported crowds, while workers at Chick-Fil-A and McDonald’s noted to the Post that business was “very, very slow.” Hey New York, here’s a tip: McDonald’s also sells salads, and apparently lines there will be short. Or, go to one of those fancy salad bar places and make your own until citywide salad fever subsides—likely by Jan 8.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.


The people who get all bent out of shape this time of year because they don’t like more people at their gym or usual lunch spot are the worst. People are trying to better themselves, yeah it won’t stick with most people, but never get mad at someone for trying Even if you are slightly inconvenienced, it just makes you an asshole.