Hamburg, New York will finally paint its water tower to resemble a hamburger

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If you live in the town of Hamburg, New York, located south of Buffalo with a population around 57,000, you are presumably called a Hamburger—hamburger is in your very identity. So why did it take this long for the municipality to decide to paint its already burger-shaped water tower like an actual hamburger? No idea, but thankfully they’ve rectified this gross oversight.


Residents have been voting all fall to select one of four designs for the burger-themed water tower; proponents of the plan to paint the tower in such a design say it will attract tourism to the small town and will be seen by thousands of people who drive the nearby New York State Thruway. The Buffalo News reports one man, Chris Hannotte Luly, launched and tirelessly championed the campaign to repaint the defunct water tower. Through online fundraising, he plans to raise the entire $500,000 to $1 million needed for the painting project, because the city has already stated it will contribute no tax dollars to the effort.

The winner of the design contest will be announced Saturday. My question is whether the two designs that feature cheese on their burgers can really claim to represent the town of Hamburg, but I leave that for locals to decide.

Kate Bernot is a freelance writer and a certified beer judge. She was previously managing editor at The Takeout.


Not Enough Day Drinking

All 4 designs leave much to be desired:

Top Left: I like the fry sculpture idea, but submitting what is essentially a mono-color design to a contest about painting is...something

Top Right: Why is there purple in your burger? I guess they’re onions? But not only are colors off, the scale of the whole thing is way off. You’ve got tiny little pickles and tomatoes hanging off the edge of burger abyss waiting to deposit ketchup on someone’s lap

Bottom Left: Clearly the most realistic and also the creepiest. It falls somewhere in the uncanny valley where it looks less like something you want to eat and more like something that wants to eat you

Bottom Right: Just phoning it in huh? That burger is so sad not even McDonald’s would serve it. Is that a one ounce patty or giant bun? And is that supposed to be circular lettuce or a giant pickle slice?