Metallica looking to put actual whiskey in a jar

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Photo: Charley Gallay, TS Photography (Getty Images)

If you’re looking for something a bit harder than Bon Jovi’s Hampton Water rosé, perhaps Metallica’s forthcoming whiskey is more your (double-bass) speed.


Whisky podcast Whiskycast—clever, these guys—recently hosted distiller Dave Pickerell, former master distiller at Maker’s Mark, who revealed that he’s been working on an American whiskey with the legendary hard-rock band. He also teased that the band has plans to open a distillery.

According to a write-up on Whiskeycast’s website, “Pickerell had only just been given permission to disclose the plans, while representatives for Metallica have not responded to emails seeking confirmation.”

So, reportedly, the band behind Masters of Puppets is planning a whiskey release and a distillery project to be located...somewhere.

“San Francisco (is) the home of Metallica, Louisville (is) the home of bourbon, and Nashville (is) the home of music, so one of those three seems to make sense,” Pickerell told Whiskycast. “I’m voting for San Francisco and the Bay Area if nothing falls apart.”

Stay tuned as we wait for Metallica to confirm or deny the report. While we’re holding our collective breath, we can dip into Anthrax’s Wardance pale ale, Motörhead whisky, or Mastodon’s Mother Puncher farmhouse IPA.

Kate Bernot is a freelance writer and a certified beer judge. She was previously managing editor at The Takeout.



I agree with Pickerell, the bay area is the best choice. I’m less than two hours away, and I thoroughly enjoy whiskey.

For the record, though, I prefer the version performed by The Pogues.