Blast ham from artillery weapons with Meat Cannon Golf

Screengrab: YouTube
Screengrab: YouTube
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When the existence of a forthcoming video game called Meat Cannon Golf came to The Takeout’s attention during our daily morning meeting, one of our writer’s 11-year-old son—who happened to be sitting in—reacted with what can only be described as unbridled curiosity. So we want to share this riveting news with you, too, dear readers.

If by chance you also are intrigued by the prospect of launching whole turkeys or steaks or meatballs from a cannon, TouchArcade reports you can sign up to be a iOS or Android beta tester for what is surely the next Angry Birds—but not for vegans, maybe?

(Note: This is the first and final time I will type the phrase “meat cannon” on this website, and you have my sincere apologies.)

Kate Bernot is a freelance writer and a certified beer judge. She was previously managing editor at The Takeout.

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What about an established truth about the history of meat on this site? Would that then be considered... meat canon? I certainly hope so, as I’d love to dictate an unorthodox meat preparation non-canonical.