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Coming to The Takeout: Butter Week

Photo: Rodrigo Ruiz Ciancia/Getty Images | Graphic: Libby McGuire
Photo: Rodrigo Ruiz Ciancia/Getty Images | Graphic: Libby McGuire

January is when food media sites such as ours present a slate of stories about dieting, exercising, eating healthier. Those sites can go suck it.


Starting Monday, The Takeout presents Butter Week, a weeklong celebration of butter. Butter recipes. Butter cocktails. The rise and fall of margarine. A history of butter sculptures. The science behind why bad beer can taste like butter. How to deep fry butter. That’s right, we’re wearing our Midwest on our sleeve and proud of it.

So slam back a few Lipitors, shake off the pain in your left arm and join us next week at The Takeout. Those other publications scolding us to eat healthy in 2018 can go choke on a banana sideways.

Kevin Pang was the founding editor of The Takeout, and director of the documentary For Grace.

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Mr Bad Example

I have a roommate who prefers margarine to reaction is somewhat different.