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I want to eat garbage food with Kate McKinnon

Illustration for article titled I want to eat garbage food with Kate McKinnon

My future wife Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week to discuss her role as a goat in the animated film Ferdinand.


When Fallon assumed that, unlike goats, she wouldn’t eat garbage, she disagreed.

“Unless the food has touched other garbage, it’s not garbage,” McKinnon said, before explaining how she grabbed a half-eaten scone from the trash and ate it—much to the dismay of castmate Aidy Bryant. “It’s not garbage until it goes outside. It’s just food in a plastic bin waiting to be eaten.”


We at The Takeout couldn’t agree more.

Anyway, just watch her tell the story because she’s literally perfect in every way:

Jen Sabella is Managing Editor of The Takeout. She loves: fried chicken, mezcal, cats and stalking celesbians on Instagram.

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