Savvy 109-year-old lady uses restaurant's birthday discount to make money on her meal

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I don’t know what type of beverage Helen Self prefers, but I’d like to buy her a glass of it. While giving her a round of applause. While chanting “Hel-en, Hel-en, Hel-en!”

See, the 109-year-old recently got herself not only a free dinner but a bit of cash back too, as she cleverly used a restaurant’s birthday discount to her advantage. Self lives in Missoula, Montana (me too, Helen!), where a steakhouse-casino called The Montana Club offers birthday discounts that correspond with a person’s age: If you turn 30, you get 30 percent off your meal. Well, Helen Self was turning 109, so she gathered up her friends and family, dined at The Montana Club, and got herself not just a 100-percent discount on her shrimp dinner, but the other 9 percent back in cash.

Bravo, Helen Self.

ABC Fox Montana reports Self has been taking advantage of the discount since she turned 101. “Once she turned 101 she informed me that I had to come in and pay her for her meal,” Nick Alonzo, owner of The Montana Club, told the station. (Damn skippy you do, Nick.)


Self seems like a boss lady all around; according to ABC Fox, she enjoys spending time outdoors and recently went camping at Lake Como, Montana. You go, Helen Self. Here’s to you, your birthday, and your $1.25 cash back.

Kate Bernot is a freelance writer and a certified beer judge. She was previously managing editor at The Takeout.

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Dear Salty Waitress:

If I get money back on my birthday meal, can I leave a smaller tip?


109 and feelin’ Fine