Kentucky police “mourn” loss of burned-up Krispy Kreme truck

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Screenshot: The Simpsons (Funny Shorts)

You’ve got to hand it to these cops in Lexington, Kentucky for going along with a gag. When a Krispy Kreme truck caught on fire about an hour away in Morehead (with no injuries or even loss of product, as the driver had already completed his deliveries), the police who showed up at the scene were quick to take advantage of what looked like the tragic loss of the cops’ traditional favorite snack.


The acting ability in a few of these shots is just spectacular. And so are many of the resulting Twitter comments (our favorite: “The van was aglaze!”) USA Today notes that “police departments from as far away as London chimed in to offer their condolences.” Including the NYPD:


Of course, eventually even Krispy Kreme got in on the thread, promising to send the police some doughnut reinforcements, for a hopeful start to the new year.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

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My lawd, I bet that smelled great.